General yoga classes often help mild low back pain but can exacerbate more serious and chronic back problems.


In contrast, specialised yoga therapy can help most types of low back pain and sciatica, including herniated disc (‘slipped’ disc) even in its acute phase.

You start by having specialist yoga therapist Dr Robin Monro assess your back condition in order to design a yoga therapy and wellbeing programme that is effective and safe.

You then learn and practise the programme in one-to-one sessions.

If your condition is acute, home visits are possible.

Your customised programme helps you to mobilise the spinal joints, relax and tone the postural muscles, improve blood circulation to the spine, and reduce pain.  Coupled with advice on precautions in your daily life, this provides optimal conditions for the back to heal and to remain healthy long term.  The therapist gives individual attention and helps you develop your own home practice, thus empowering you to look after your back without dependence on others. For many back pain sufferers, yoga therapy has made life worth living again.


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