We believe in improving the well-being and health of each person by focusing on the relationship between the body and mind, offering a personalised therapy programme for optimum well-being. We are firm believers in our profession, in our identities as therapists and in our roles as scientists/practitioners.

We aim to provide the space and tools to help you build your ‘core’, whether within your body, mind or both, helping you to take an active role in your health conditions and build confidence in your own health management. Once you have learnt the foundations you can gain the freedom and flexibility to practise either under instruction or independently. We believe that quality of practice is more important than quantity and that a preventative approach is more successful than a palliative one. The main focus is on working towards the prevention of health conditions as well as helping people to develop an active role in the management of their conditions, in order to restore a sense of physical and psychological well-being.


We wish to contribute to expanding yoga therapy beyond some of the more recent western interpretations – for instance as simply an exercise class in a gym, only for ‘alternative lifestyles’ or the glossy, ‘perfect’ bodies shown in magazines – to be more true to its origins as a way of daily living.


Breathing Being seeks to learn from, and work with, leading teachers. We are keen to discover what works for individuals, trying new approaches and encouraging research into the efficiency of treatments. Current research provides evidence that therapeutic methods involving both the body and mind are the most effective way to develop psychological health.





Curiosity: Openness, spaciousness and presence

Stillness: The ability to centre oneself and find inner peace

Emotional Intelligence: Self-awareness (how do I feel?) and empathy (how do you feel?)

Social connectedness and friendship

Self-care: Exercise, sleep, rest, boundaries, saying no, saying yes and self-regulation

Lightness: Sense of humour and the ability to let go


«who walks gentle goes far» -anonymous-