Give yourself some ‘me time’


If you are experiencing a chronic stress-related condition and you want to reduce your stress levels in order to improve your quality of life, Breathing Being offers a stress management programme based on your personal goals and needs.

According to NHS data: “The UK workforce works the longest hours in Europe. The extra hours in the workplace mean that people aren’t spending enough time doing things that they really enjoy.”


Breathing Being will design a programme for you to practise after work to boost your well being, enabling you to gain more resilience and a healthier outlook towards your daily demands.

We will make a programme that will fit around the actual time you have available. Whether you work full time, part time, are a student or full-time parent, having some “me time” will bring changes to the way you perceive stress.


The main pillars of the programme are:


Physical activity: This won’t make your stress disappear, but it will reduce some of the emotional load that you’re experiencing, ventilating your thoughts and enabling you to cope with your problems more serenely. On a mental level, turning your attention to your body can disperse obsessive thoughts. The mind can expand pleasurably, just as the body does, creating the freedom to see things from a different perspective. This can have a profoundly healing effect on a psychological level.

Psyco-education This plays an active role in the management of your time, health and wellbeing.

Developing an approach in which you are willing to learn new techniques such as breathwork, self-regulation and mindfulness meditation by setting goals that suit your needs.

Guided deep relaxation in which you will be able to express your positive wishes and find tools such as the ability to shift perspective from pessimism to positivity. This involves observing and appreciating the positive things in life that we are surrounded by, which high stress levels don’t allow us to perceive.


“Work smarter, not harder” -Cary Cooper-