‘Mandala Relax’- a series of six tracks available for download

Please note:

  •  while the tracks can be practiced at any time of day, do not listen to them while driving or doing anything else that requires your concentration!
  • It is best to make sure that you are warm enough and not disturbed while listening.
  • If you suffer from any mental health problems please consult your GP before using these tracks.


15 minute breathing practice to calm and energise   01 Working with the breath

20 minute meditation practice to calm and focus the mind  02 Guided mindfulness meditation

12 minute guided meditation to refresh and rejuvenate  03 Refreshing meditation

Listen to this explanation of the practice of Yoga Nidra before practising tracks 5 and 6    04 Guidance for Yoga Nidra

20 minute yoga nidra practice focusing on breath awareness, for deep relaxation  05 Yoga Nidra- Breath Awareness

15 minute yoga nidra practice with visualisation, for deep relaxation  06 Yoga Nidra- Visualisation


Vocals: Raquel Chinchetru, Susan Webster. Music: Phil Best